How Powerful Is the Human Brain?

Ever wonder how powerful your brain really is? Decades ago, Napoleon Hill said that Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Modern research confirms this statement. According to science, the human brain is 40 times more powerful than a supercomputer.

Its abilities are due to the 90 million nerve cells that linked together by synapses. The brain’s total capacity is approximately a petabyte, which allows it to perform a variety of tasks, from recognizing faces and patterns to learning new languages.

The neurons in your brain are able to carry out sophisticated computations. Basically, they serve as a relay station for electrical signals. Think of them as minicomputers that can sort and process complex data.

The human brain is more powerful than any computer ever created. It can make decisions, control speech and movement, remove toxins from your system, store memories, and process facts. A study conducted in 2014 has found that women have more gray matter than men, which gives them a higher cognitive performance.

Despite their small size (4 to 100 microns wide), neurons can process huge amounts of data. This allows you to learn and memorize information, make connections, and use your creativity.

Even though computers provide more accurate results, they can only perform repetitive tasks. Humans, on the other hand, are able to recognize faces that are disguised or have aged, reframe negative events into a positive light, and use their long term memory to solve math problems.

Recent studies indicate that the human brain may influence our weight, vision, and even sports performance. You can actually improve your vision or drop pounds with your mind.

Buddhist monks are able to increase their core temperature by meditating. However, you don’t have to be a monk to maximize your brain power.

Mental exercises, physical activity, brain-boosting foods, meditation, aromatherapy, and yoga are just a few of the many tools you can use to keep your brain functioning at its peak.

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